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Writing activities 08.06.2020


Dear Hedgehogs and Squirrels,


Included on the accompanying document are five sessions of activities based on the fabulous book ’This is How We Do It’. I have included a link so you can hear the book being read and see the pages.  How are the children similar or different to you?  Do you like the same things?  Do the same activities?  Live in similar environments?

There are examples on the pages for you to use. Try a different lesson each day and see if you can use appropriate spelling and punctuation when you record your ideas.


You might be able to try the following adaptations to the writing plan.  Try using 'expanded noun phrases' to describe like we have practised in class. eg: I am wearing yellow, stripy socks and a blue, spotty jumper.

You may like to try a character description to accompany the Gruffalo story or a picture you have drawn with an author!


Keep going with your reading.

The importance of ‘just reading’

How much and how often children read really matters. During this challenging time of school closures, ‘just reading’ is one of the best ways to keep children learning and growing. 

Once children have mastered decoding through their phonics work, reading as much and as widely as possible will ensure that they continue to develop, not just academically, but emotionally too. And the best way to improve reading is the most enjoyable – reading! As the reading scientist Mark Seidenberg puts it, “The serious way to improve reading – how well we comprehend a text and, yes, speed and efficiency – is this: Read. As much as possible. Mostly new stuff.”


Let me know what you think of the topic in an email to the Hedgehogs email page!


There is an extra challenge for you send us some work and some pictures.  Have fun!


The Year 2 Team.