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What the ladybird heard.


This is one of my favourite books, I hope you like it too!


Some adaptations could be:


Lesson 1: Finding other animals from different places you could use in a story, ie) alligator, python, Giraffe from Africa.  Could you use your spelling knowledge for their names?  Maybe you could write your own version of the story as an adaptation.  What the Giraffe heard.


Lesson 2: Can you use your adjective, adjective noun in your expanded noun phrases to write a description?  Could you use conjunctions to link your ideas?


Lesson 3:  Have a go at drawing your own map for your new story and writing your directions for the characters.  


Lesson 4: You could write some instructions using your numbers, imperative verbs, time words, directional language, expanded noun phrases, conjunctions, punctuation, contractions, possessive apostrophes and suffixes. eg:

       1) First walk quietly across the green, wavy grass and over the hill. 

       2) Go speedily past the lion's dark, scary den until you can't go any further.


Have fun and enjoy!  Let me know how you get on and share some of your fabulous work via email.