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Writing, Writing Everywhere! Monday 30th January

What a fantastic start we have had to our special writing week.  Thank you to all the families who stopped and wrote about their favourite part of the weekend on the way into school this morning. 

There was lots of excitement in Year 1 as fairy footprints were discovered along with lots of little notes that had popped up all around school.  After receiving a letter, the children were very keen to write to the fairies and offer help in finding them a new home.

Disaster has struck in Year 2 and toys have gone missing from the classroom.  'Missing' and 'Wanted' posters have gone up all around school to try and find them.

A pet fish has arrived to each class in Year R and has been setting them challenges.  The challenge today was to create a large collage, working together as a team.  I wonder what else the children will be encouraged to take part in as the week goes on?

At playtime the children enjoyed free writing with chalks as well as using the clipboards and 'teacher pens'!