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School Closure Procedures During Snow

As I’m sure you are aware, the current weather forecast indicates the possibility of snow later today.  Should this occur, we will always do our very best to ensure the school remains open but the decision will be based entirely on the safety of pupils and staff.  Parents must make their own decision based on where they live, etc. as to whether their children will be able to make the journey to school or not safely.  If we feel the safety of children or staff is jeopardised by the snow, we would of course have no option but to close for the day.
The following is a reminder of the procedure should we need to close:
* Andover Breeze will broadcast on 106.4 FM (and add to their website) a list of schools who are closed (or partially closed.) They do this very quickly and so it is a very good way of finding out if we are closed.
* Our school website will also be updated with news of whether we are open or have had to make the decision to close.
* We will also try to send out a text message. Obviously if the snow is widespread there are many thousands of schools using the texting system so it can take longer than usual for messages to come through.
* The Hampshire County Council website will be updated with the latest news. generally school closure information is shown at