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Internet Safety Day

The children have been enjoying sessions on Internet Safety this week, learning about how to keep themselves safe online.  Following the sessions the children confidently told us that they should not tell people any personal information such as where they live, birthday and age.  They also said that mum and dad should know which sites they are on and if there is ever a problem they would go straight to their parents or teacher to help.  Although we ran specific internet safety lessons for Internet Safety Day we take online safety very seriously and it is part of our computing curriculum.

Many thanks to the parents who attended our Internet Safety presentation on Tuesday evening.  It was a really informative evening which parents found helpful.  Speaking to one parent afterwards she said that she liked the way it was explained that there are computer games suitable for all ages and actually as a family you can play together on age appropriate games.  She now has a much better understanding of how games are given age ratings and the reasons behind these decisions.