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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

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Mrs Bird                Acting Headteacher

Mrs Bird Acting Headteacher (59KB)

Miss Copas

Miss Copas (65KB)

Mrs Gething

Mrs Gething (15KB)

Miss Hairsine

Miss Hairsine (65KB)

Miss Hayward

Miss Hayward (50KB)

Mrs Gibbons

Mrs Gibbons (44KB)

Mrs Payne

Mrs Payne (48KB)

Mrs Gigg

Mrs Gigg (55KB)

Mrs Langdown

Mrs Langdown (84KB)

Mrs Mowbray

Mrs Mowbray (68KB)

Mrs Noyce

Mrs Noyce (73KB)

Mrs Monk

Mrs Monk (84KB)

Mrs Templeman

Mrs Templeman (83KB)

Mrs Hunt

Mrs Hunt (76KB)

Mrs Hedges

Mrs Hedges (53KB)

Mrs Brown

Mrs Brown (70KB)

Mrs Compton

Mrs Compton (16KB)

Mrs Paterson

Mrs Paterson (16KB)

Mr Daubney

Mr Daubney (67KB)

Mrs Hawkins

Mrs Hawkins (49KB)

Mrs Murphy

Mrs Murphy (62KB)

Mrs Paulley

Mrs Paulley (58KB)

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